The Ten Biggest Holes In The US Car Market

Even as automakers try to fill every ridiculous niche they think up (looking at you, luxury crossover "coupe"), there are massive holes in the US market that need filling.

10.) Cheap, Small, Fun Commuter


Basically, we need a modern take on the Honda CR-X. The CR-X was a car that could be all things to so many people: cheap to buy and own, practical, and still a hoot to drive. There are modern cars that have some of those qualities, but none wrap up all three as well as the CR-X

Suggested By: Brian, The Life of, Photo Credit: Honda

9.) Affordable Mid Engined Car

Right now, the cheapest new mid engined car you can buy in the US is the Boxster, which starts (emphasis on starts) at $51,400. What happened to cars like the Toyota MR2 or the Fiat X1/9 that gave snap oversteer to the people?

Suggested By: RedPir8Roberts, Photo Credit: Toyota

8.) Shooting Brake


A shooting brake is the perfect, sexy marriage of a coupe and a wagon. It's the sort of thing that makes true car geeks get weak at the knees, but automakers are clearly blind to see their massive sales appeal.

Suggested By: damnthisburnershitsux, Photo Credit: BMW

7.) Sub-$10k Car


Right now, the cheapest car for sale in the US is the Nissan Versa sedan, which can be had for $11,990. There's a massive market opportunity for an automaker like Dacia to bring a decent, no frills car like the Sandero over to the states.

In fact, bring the whole Dacia lineup; America needs cars like the Logan and the Duster.


Suggested By: Leon711, Photo Credit: Dacia

6.) Ute


I'm glad Chevy brought the Commodore as the SS, I really am, but, they really should have brought over the Ute. Tens of people would line up outside Chevy dealers for the opportunity to buy a modern El Camino.

Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Holden

5.) Cheap RWD Sports Car


For a while it looked there was a renaissance of the cheap RWD sports car with the Toyobaru twins, and concepts from Chevrolet, Kia, and Nissan, but then nothing. FR-S/BRZ sales are tapering off and those concepts have all seemed to disappear.

Suggested By: Corey CC97, aka Silent Bob, Photo Credit: Nissan

4.) Wrangler Competitor


The Wrangler is great, but it's in a class of one and that needs to change. The world is ready for something like a modern Bronco or Scout, and it looks like GMC might answer our prayers.

Suggested By: FJ40waitinforacummins, Photo Credit: Hummer (Photoshopped by Andrew Collins)


3.) Small, Rugged 4x4


There's so much appeal in a small car that can haul 4 people, and work well both in the city and on the trails its absurd. People who want a small crossover will buy them and they'll have enthusiast cred. No small feat.

The Renegade is about to occupy this void, and signs point to Jeep selling an ass-ton of them, so if competing automakers are wise they'll bring some to the market.


Suggested By: Break-Mend-Continue, Photo Credit: Fiat

2.) Affordable RWD Sedan


I think there's a genuine market for something that has great driving dynamics like a small RWD coupe with the added practicality of a sedan. It would broaden the appeal of the FR-S/BRZ immensely.

I would be filled with more joy than I could contain if the Toyota made an FR-S sedan, or better still, if Fiat used the Miata platform for a 124 Sedan.


Suggested By: BenLikesCars, Photo Credit: Fiat

1.) Small Truck


The Colorado is great, but don't call it "small."

By a vast margin, a small truck was the most suggested answer in yesterday's question, and there's a damn good reason for that: the people need a small, sensible workhorse. Not a truck to make you look more manly at the job site, an honest little work truck.


Suggested By: Andrew P Collins, Photo Credit: Ford

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Top Photo Credit: Ford

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