From lemons to wild claims and everything in between, these creative print ads sold us cars. Millions of them. These are your ten favorites:

10.) The Plymouth Neon saying hi

They looked at it, they thought it was cute, so Chrysler kept it simple. The Neon sold well at first, but some say this campaign also had some side effects...

Suggested By: Dwhite - Powered by Caffeine, Daft Punk, and Corgis, Photo Credit: Chrysler

9.) The Saab 9000 Turbo showing it how it's done

You only have one choice. It seems like the Swedish really like stacking cars on each other...

Suggested By: Highball!, Photo Credit: Saab

8.) GM voting for Empire

It's missing the black rims, but other than that, I wouldn't call it false advertising.

Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: General Motors

7.) Citroën bending time and space, again

Faster than a Ferrari. Faster than a Mondial.

Suggested By: Shane Elliott, Photo Credit: Citroën

6.) Toyota using the right word

You look at it, and you want one. That's the whole point.

Suggested By: Jordan Hewlett, Photo Credit: Toyota

5.) Porsche bragging rightfully

It was the Eighties. Everybody wanted a 911. Actually, we still do. Possibly a turbo one, killing bugs fast.

Suggested By: Blondude, Photo Credit: Porsche

4.) MG poking your eyes out

Sex sells. And yes, I do have this in print.

Suggested By: Me, actually, Photo Credit: British Leyland

3.) Daihatsu getting the point

Can't argue with that.

Suggested By: Forgetful - Mr.F...R-S, Photo Credit: Daihatsu

2.) Volvo making wagons cool, once and for all

740 Turbo. A family car that also fought against Camaros on the racetrack. And how about this one with the V40 T4? I could live with having that on the wall. boxrocket got us a whole collection...

And now, it's movie time:

Suggested By: boxrocket, Photo Credit: Volvo

1.) Volkswagen rocking the sixties

They had a low budget, but New York-based advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach's geniuses made the most of it, which helped turn VW into what it is today in North America.

K5ING got them all collected right here!

Suggested By: K5ING, Photo Credit: Volkswagen

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Top Photo Credit: Volkswagen