Ten Best Car Destruction Videos

RIP to all this sweet, sweet sheetmetal cut down in its prime.

10.) Engine Removal, The Easy Way

Why bother carefully unbolting and de-hosing your motor when you could just use a chain and a complete disregard for your vehicle's survival instead?


Suggested By: ridered777

9.) World's Best Car Crusher

I get the feeling that quitting time at a mining site sees some shenanigans.

Suggested By: jared glentz

8.) The Raptor Finds A Jump Too Far

The Ford Raptor is the most capable factory-sold high-speed offroader in who knows how long. But everything has a limit, as this dude found out.

Suggested By: tpw_rules


The Internet classic. I...I have no words.

Suggested By: ridered777

6.) The Duckbill Of Death

So begins the Mythbusters section of this list with an answer to the immortal question: if you had a gigantic cow catcher on your truck, could you drive straight through stopped traffic?


Suggested By: webmonkees

5.) Vaporizing A Cement Mixer

I remember watching this on TV, but I can't remember what the episode was about. Once you see a cement mixer get wiped clean off the face of the earth, your brain kinda goes blank from all the awesome.


Suggested By: Beast2USA

4.) The Rocket Sled

What happens when you hit a car at a couple hundred miles an hour? Wait, what car were we talking about? I don't see anything.


Suggested By: Kyle Cheromcha

3.) Pretty Sure That's Insurance Fraud, Dude

This is probably the most expensive destruction on the list, and it was intentional as well.


Suggested By: Forgetful

2.) And He Walked Away

Audis seem to have a thing for crashing in spectacular fashion at Le Mans these past few years. Hell, one blew to pieces yesterday. It's this crash with Allan McNish at the wheel in 2011 that's the most stunning. A little bit further and we'd be looking at dead photographers. As it happened, everyone made it out unscathed.


Suggested By: willkinton247

1.) The Indestructable HiLux

Try as they might, the Hilux could not be destroyed. The attempts, however, remain legendary.


Above is the start, below is the ultimate conclusion.

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Top Photo Credit: Dennis ellis-smith/YouTube

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