Welcome to the world of burning, speeding, crunching pixels, where you're free to live out all your automotive fantasies. It turns out, lots of them involve explosions. Here's what Jalopnik readers picked as the ten best video game crashes.


Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

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10.) Lag Attack in Forza 3

Suggested By: Pessimippopotamus

Why it's unbelievable: BADAMN! You all saw it coming, but it's still hilarious. There's a wonderful unreality of video games that let us laugh at what looks like a surprise collision at 200mph.

9.) Dirt 2 proves why you're not a rally driver

Suggested By: Sweetz

Why it's unbelievable: This crash goes a long way to show why the folks in WRC have years of training to just get a rally car around a corner without exploding and you probably should stick to racing sims.

8.) Revenge on Rossi Part 1

Suggested By: LeadfootYT

Why it's unbelievable: Here we get to see how you can play with the rules of a video game and completely troll anyone who messes with your impervious virtual pride and joy. Uhh... your tire looks a little low. Let me help you out with that.

7.) World's Bravest Photographer

Suggested By: Jones Foyer

Why it's unbelievable: The Mini crash in this DiRT3 video isn't very mini at all, but it's the balls-of-steel photographer that makes the clip. We thought real world rally photographers had cojones, but we had no idea!

6.) Bugatti Jumping in Forza 3

Suggested By: xxstich666xx

Why it's unbelievable: We may never see 250mph super-luxury hypercars going Evel Knievel in the real world, but thanks to some glitch that put one Veyron halfway into the concrete, we can see it in Forza 3!

5.) Burnout: Paradise Destructo Mode

Suggested By: Shiryu

Why it's unbelievable: Yes, the whole point is to crash and cripple the other racers on the road. Yes it looks awesome.

4.) Burnout 3: Road Rage

Suggested By: That Mack Maine

Why it's unbelievable: Somehow, we like Burnout 3 even more for all-out automotive carnage. Epic.

3.) GTA 4 takes to the skies

Suggested By: Spiegelbot only wants to love

Why it's unbelievable: Grand Theft Auto seems to start where Carmageddon left off, and all the glitches just take it over the top. Pedestrians and helicopters beware.

2.) NASCAR Thunder 2003 FTW

Suggested By: Daksin

Why it's unbelievable: Reader Daksin enjoyed some Proustian recollection when he came up on this QOTD, and we're happy to share his flashback memories of crashes of his youth.

Can't believe nobody's posted NASCAR Thunder 2003. We picked this game up in a bargain bin for $2.00 with the sole intention of crashing cars. In case you haven't done this before, when the race starts, just pull off to the side, turn around, and drive full steam ahead at the lead car.

I can't actually find a video of someone who takes as much pride in their NASCAR Thunder crashes as me and my friends did in the summer of 2004, but if you hit the lead car head on, it would cascade into a full blown fission reaction of exploding cars and broken physics.

You could literally see the point (JUST before you struck the first car of the pack) where the physics engine shit itself and just gave up trying to approximate anything resembling the universe you and I live in.

1.) Nissan Leafs in Forza 4

Suggested By: ScorpioGTX1

Why it's unbelievable: I won't ruin the surprise, but this is definitely the most brilliant play on video game fantasy that I've seen all day. Now go out and Pelican crash your imaginary Veyrons straight into walls. It's for the good of the real world out here.

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