The Ten Best Terrible Racing Spokespeople Ever

Racing is expensive, and sponsors expect performance outside the track as well. Here are ten bad examples of drivers turning into salesman.

10.) Jackie Stewart

The best-built North American cars presented by the worst British actor.


Suggested By: Mers

9.) Brad Keselowski

The poster child of DUI.

Suggested By: For Sweden

8.) Nigel Mansell

No wires, flawless image quality and strawberry soft porn for those Japanese ladies out there. Amazing.


Suggested By: Mikeado

7.) Lewis Hamilton

After reading the script, he should have known it's going to be painful.

Suggested By: Me, because you guys were lazy.

6.) Mark Webber

The fact that I can't be a Canberra Milk kid makes me a sad panda. At least I still have a chance for getting a ride with Maria .


Suggested By: DanSTI

5.) Jenson Button

Jason and a good head.

Suggested By: Jeb_Hoge

4.) Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart did so many commercials that it's really hard to pick the best.


Suggested By: Chris_K_F

3.) Jimmie Johnson

No discount for smug drivers.

Suggested By: My X-Type too is a real Jaguar


2.) Danica Patrick

Yeah. She just ain't good at this.

Suggested By: Diesel

1.) Nico Rosberg

There's a time and space for everything, but this wasn't college Nico.

Suggested By: ncasolowork2

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Top Photo Credit: Talladega Nights

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