The Ten Best Non-Transportation Uses Of Car Engines

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You know what car engines are great for? Powering cars, of course. That said, they do have some badass non-transportation uses, as well.

10.) Engine Block Coffee Table


Announce your gearhead leanings to all your guests with a beautiful engine block coffee table. Engine blocks also make great wine bottle holders as well.

Suggested By: Jay_Hoff, Photo Credit: Ray Wert/Jalopnik

9.) V8 BBQ Grill

Unfortunately, this BBQ grille isn't powered by a V8, just built out of one. It's still the best way to tailgate at your local NASCAR race.

Suggested By: Sky Blue, Photo Credit: Summit Racing

8.) Top Gear V8 Blender


Unlike the grill, this blender is indeed V8-powered. Both fairly unruly and impractical but still cool, the V8 blender featured on Top Gear remains arguably one of the best ways to make a beef, bovril and brick smoothie. It's certainly the loudest.

Suggested By: DSC Off, Photo Credit: BBC via YouTube

7.) 454 Snowblower


454 V8s are great in Chevelles, El Caminos, and obviously snow blowers. Especially great if you want to launch snow into your pesky neighbors yard.

Suggested By: MonkeySkullFire, Photo Credit: madeinmusoka via YouTube

6.) Hemi Industrial Pump


The beloved Chrysler Hemi didn't just find use in Challengers and 'Cuda's. It was used in many industrial applications, like the irrigation motor pictured here.

Suggested By: Tommy Regan, Photo Credit: jwakarchuk98 via YouTube

5.) V8 Chainsaw


What better way to annihilate a tree than with a Holden V8 powered chainsaw? Never change, Australia. Never change.

Suggested By: pologreenvette, Photo Credit: whitlandsengineering via YouTube

4.) Centrifugal Punkin' Chunkin'


One of the more ridiculous uses of a car engine for a non-transport purpose. Centrifugal Punkin' Chunkin' machines use a automotive engine to spin a propellor with a pumpkin held at one end. Once triggered the pumpkin will launch a huge distance. Blissful insanity.

Suggested By: Skinnayyyy, Photo Credit: Tory

3.) Ford 302/VW Flat 4 Air Compressor


Air compressors have been made from various automotive engines including Ford 302 V8s and Volkswagen air cooled flat fours. Both operate the same way – one half of the engine operates normally, while the other just pumps air.

Suggested By: You had fordboy357 at "meat tornado", Photo Credit: Dunn-Right Incorporated


2.) Chrysler Air Raid Siren


This cold war relic, an air raid siren powered by a Hemi V8, is one of the loudest sirens in the world. It could produce 137 db at 100 feet, which makes The Who seem quiet. Check out Autoweek for an in depth writeup on its history.

Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: PBMI via Wikimedia Commons


1.) Model T Sawmill


American ingenuity at its finest. Use the engine from a Model T to power a blade and mount it all on the back of the car. This video is an absolute must watch if you want to learn more about this genius piece of engineering.

Suggested By: solracer, Photo Credit: Robert Merz via YouTube

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Top Photo Credit: whitlandsengineering via YouTube