Most highways are pretty boring, but these ten are not most highways.

10.) Interstate 40

Crossing America is a road trip you never forget. If you're from Jersey, it's I-80, and that's gonna suck. If you're crossing from anywhere else, good for you, and I-40.

Suggested By: Jonee, Photo Credit: walkinguphills

9.) Colorado 90/141


Yes, there are roads around here as well as a beautiful scenery, but no people. Welcome to Paradox Valley, and feel free to floor it a bit.

Suggested By: ColoradoFX4, Photo Credit: roy.luck

8.) Interstate 70


If the Rockies welcome you with some snow, just get into the tunnels.


Yes. Yes. Yes. I was going to post this. I 70 from Eisenhower tunnel to damn near it's terminus at I 15 in Utah is lovely. The part in Glenwood canyon is spectacular. Going through eastern through central Utah is lonely and beautiful. The goddamn Rockies. Divert off to Moab and Arches. I love this section of interstate.


Suggested By: Enginerrrrrrrrrrrr, Photo Credit: dherrera_96

7.) Turquoise Trail


New Mexico's scenic byway has cool small towns along the way and barely any traffic. You don't need more than that.

Suggested By: Autojunkie, Photo Credit: the norse

6.) A75 Motorway


Driving in France usually sucks thanks to their lovely police force targeting foreigners and all those automatic speed cameras, but the A75 with the Millau Viaduct is worth the risk for 200 miles.

Suggested By: BATC42, Photo Credit: PhillipC

5.) U.S. Route 1


The East Coast coast road. Because lobster feast.

Suggested By: My X-type too is a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: Dougtone

4.) Transfagarasan Highway


Most Romanian roads would not make the cut, but this Transylvanian one is better than the Stelvio Pass could ever be.

Suggested By: macanamera, Photo Credit: bortescistian

3.) Hawaii H3


Waterfalls, tunnels, rain on one side of the mountain, sunshine on the other. You'll stop many times just to enjoy mother nature.

Suggested By: dvsc, Photo Credit: chrisg583

2.) Pacific Coast Highway


Just avoid the RVs. maximum_sarge:

I've driven some great cars down this road, and enjoyed it immensely, but unless you hit it right (at night, early AM off season weekdays, etc) it's just clogged. The best might have been in the worst car (of all the ones I've driven that road in), a Saab convertible, but we did it overnight with the top down and a full moon. Pretty epic, although trips in the faster cars were pretty epic too. The moonlight thing was another world though. Fog/clouds below... was like a movie.

Suggested By: Blondude, Photo Credit: chekhter

1.) The Autobahn



Suggested By: macanamera, Photo Credit: phil_theone

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