The Ten Best F-111 "Pig" Dump And Burn Moments Of All Time!

The F-111 Aardvaark, also known as the "The Pig," served for thirty years in USAF service, and with the Royal Australian Air Force for over a decade more, with the type finally being retired in 2010. One of the things missed the most about the swing-winged Pig is its incredible ability to set the sky ablaze.


The "Dump & Burn" as it is known (other names include the "Zippo" and the "Torch") is a relatively simple operation. The F-111's fuel dump is located right between its turbofan engines, and if the jet's afterburners are engaged while the fuel is being dumped it will ignite starting at about five feet behind the aircraft. The resulting fiery spectacle was widely denounced by the USAF but became something of a source of national pride for the Australians, and the F-111's flame throwing ability was displayed at national events as well as air shows around the country and the region.

So without further adieu, these are the ten greatest "dump and burns" ever caught on camera!:

#10: Indy Golden Coast 2008

#9: LIMA 2009

#8: Singapore Air Show 2010

#7: Williamtown Air Show 2010

#6: Avalon Air Show 2005

#5: F-111 Retirement Ceremony RAAF Amberley 2010

#4: Townsville Air Show 2009

#3: This Dump & Burn Shot From A Chase Hornet

The entire documentary can be watched here.

#2: Sydney Olympics 2000

#1: Every Single Brisbane Riverfire The F-111 Flew In

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