Spies of the world, get rid of your company issue Aston Martins and get one of these instead. They're perfect for the job.

10.) Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla's dual motor Model S is stupidly quick, and can drive itself, but most importantly, it's completely silent. There's no way you could sneak up on your enemies like that in a V12 Aston Martin.

Suggested By: SennaMP4, Photo Credit: Tesla

9.) Volkswagen Phaeton W12


The thing that made the Phaeton a sales flop would be its greatest asset as a spy car – it looks like an ordinary Passat. It's suitably luxurious, spacious, and fast enough for any international spy worth their salt, and no one would ever look twice at it.

Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane, Photo Credit: Volkswagen

8.) Jaguar XF Supercharged


Sometimes real spies, like James Bond, have to be undercover as classy, wealthy people and what better car for that than a supercharged Jaguar XF? It tells everyone you've arrived, without shouting it.

Suggested By: EZBrzy89, Photo Credit: Jaguar

7.) Honda City Turbo With A Motocompo


An original Mini is the quintessential spy-being-chased-away-by-bad-guys-in-narrow-city car, but the Honda City Turbo is better. The car is small and quick enough for those old world cities, but the kicker is the tiny 50cc scooter that fits in the trunk.

When the roads get real tight, ditch the car and scooter your way to safety. A Honda Fit with a Grom would also be an acceptable substitute.

Suggested By: themanwithsauce, Photo Credit: Morio (Non-turbo City pictured)

6.) Volvo S60 With 450 hp I4


No one expects a Volvo to be fast, but one with the company's new triple boosted four cylinder with 450 hp makes the unassuming S60 a rocket. Just take the stickers off.

Suggested By: McSeanerson, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

5.) Toyota Corolla


What's better than an invisible car? An invisible car that people won't crash into, like a Toyota Corolla. It'll blend into the background pretty much everywhere and it'll be durable enough to take some potential abuse.

Only problem I can predict is that the spies driving them will probably lose theirs in a parking lot.

Suggested By: cazzyodo, Photo Credit: Toyota

4.) Minivan


No evil supervillain will ever expect a spy to be driving a minivan, which makes it perfect for sleuthing. Plus, there'd be more than enough room to take all your spy gear and/or all your spy friends.

Bonus points if you have those stupid family stick figure stickers on the back window.

Suggested By: Detroit Velvet Smooth, Photo Credit: Honda

3.) Dodge Charger Hellcat


707 HP sedan that looks like an ordinary cop car? Of course that'd be a great car for a spy! Just paint it black, take the badges off and you're in business.

Suggested By: Steve Kuhn, Photo Credit: Dodge

2.) Ford Transit


With a Ford Transit, or really any large van for that matter, a spy could get anywhere they want to go. Need to break into your enemies secret lair? Just pretend your a delivery man/contractor and boom, you're in.

Whatever the real life version of Q Division is should really build a Transit that can easily change liveries. No need to credit me for the idea.

Suggested By: For Sweeden, Photo Credit: Ford

1.) Rental Car


What could be better for an international spy than a fleet of the fastest cars in the world accessible anywhere they go? No need to bring your own spy car around when you can have a car that's anonymous, and comes with comprehensive damage insurance.

The ultimate car for any secret agent.

Suggested By: chucchinchilla, Photo Credit: Getty Images

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