The Ten Best Buildings To Drive A Car In

Cars are meant for big country spaces, the great outdoors, the open road. Maybe that's why we always fantasize about tearing through buildings with them. And these are the ten most fantasized-about buildings to drive through.

10.) Fiat's Lingotto Factory


You know that scene in The Italian Job when they drive on that roof top test track? Yeah, it's an old Fiat factory where cars were driven up a spiral assembly line, then road tested on the roof. It's pretty much heaven.

Suggested By: Brian, The Life of, Photo Credit: Fiat

9.) Ski Dubai


Two words: winter rally.

Suggested By: For Sweden, Photo Credit: Curtis Palmer

8.) NASA's Hangar One


One of the largest freestanding structures in the world, NASA's Hangar One in Silicon Valley is 1,133 feet long. Indoor top fuel dragsters, anyone?

Suggested By: Braking Bad, Photo Credit: NASA via AtomicToasters

7.) Any Ikea


Those little paths are just begging for a Swedish rally car.

Suggested By: JayHova, Photo Credit: Ikea

6.) The Louvre


Why walk to see all that art, when you could tear past them sideways in a little French sports car?

Suggested By: Jonee and ridered777, Photo Credit: Getty Images

5.) Buckingham Palace


All the rooms are connected by doorways, making them into endless, opulent car-sized hallways. Well, an old Mini Cooper built for the Monte Carlo Rally would fit in there, for sure.

Suggested By: Zuzax, Photo Credit: Getty Images

4.) The Disney World Tunnels


Everything in Disney World is connected by a series of ultra-secret tunnels. Any light, agile, go kart of a car would fit in there. As MentalMechanic put it, "it would really be the happiest place on earth for me."


Suggested By: MentalMechanic, Photo Credit: Getty Images

3.) Beijing International Airport


I'll let reader DontPanic1 explain why somebody's got to take a drift car through here.

The main concourse has two floors. Both of which are huge, very wide, and very flat and and curve around most of the building on a slope. Not to mention there is a train station on the bottom floor feeding into the main building and a long corridor-esque stretch leading to the planes.

I imagine using the train line to build speed and then drifting the concourse before exiting out the back, near the planes. Would have been more fun than the 6 hours I spent in that airport waiting for the plane home.


Suggested By: Dontpanic1, Photo Credit: Getty Images

2.) An Amazon Automated Distribution Center


So long as you've got a car small enough to fit in the stacks, you could get yourself into the ultimate (and potentially deadly) game of cat-and-mouse with the automated pickers. Bring an Autozam AZ-1.

Suggested By: TekamulBurner, Photo Credit: Getty Images

1.) The Mall of America


If you don't understand why, just watch this.

(Psst — It's the mall chase from The Blues Brothers).

Suggested By: ThouShaltHoonThyRallyeTires, Photo Credit: Getty

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Top Photo Credit: Top Gear

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