Well, let me rephrase that. The wildfires themselves are getting crazy close to houses. So the brave people fighting the fires, both on the ground and in the air, have to get close to entire neighborhoods as well. And that means huge firefighting air tankers flying wildly low over suburban homes.

California wildfires have been getting worse directly because of climate change, so we’ll probably be seeing more videos like this in the future. It’s interesting to see huge planes flying so low now, but the truth of the matter is this isn’t what should be happening. But it keeps happening. We might as well get used to seeing stuff like this:


The so-called “Holy fire,” which these tanker shots come from, is suspected to have been originally started by arson. And though humanity’s ever-increasing greed has created conditions ripe for mass fiery destruction, it has also created doorbells that people can talk through remotely:

Not sure those two things are equal, though.

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