The Swarovski Covered Mercedes Benz: Class Defined

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Nothing says "I'm wealthy, but in an understated way" like a top-o-the-line Benz covered in Swarovski crystals. This shiny ride fit right in next to the private jets and fur-covered sinks on display at the Moscow Millionaire Fair, which is the Russian counterpart of the RNC. While it's probably not safe to drive this around most parts of America, we can see this safely cruising the streets of Moscow in between a handful of black, bulletproof Gelaendewagens.


We're not sure of how this car came to be, but it looks at least like the spiritual brother of this, if not actual kin. If you want something similar for your Benz, you might want to check Garson out and, you know, send us a few grand for the tip. [TrendHunter]


Each class of society has its own requirements; but it may be said that every class teaches the one immediately below it; and if the highest class be ignorant, uneducated, loving display, luxuriousness, and idle, the same spirit will prevail in humbler life.

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