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Sometimes we wonder if the Baby Boomers don't have a reason to be self-righteous. After all, they came up in an era that gave us the Beatles, The Stooges and huge fields of Top Fuel dragsters. And for a short time, three guys — Tom Jobe, Bob Skinner and Mike Sorokin — were the class of the field in their totally DIY Fueler. Among those who know, the Surfers' story is the stuff of legend. We were talking to Mike's son, Adam last night without realizing who he was. He was explaining a bit about drag racing to a couple of pretty girls. Then he mentioned that his dad was in the Hall of Fame. We wish we could say that everyone got very quiet when Adam mentioned the Surfers. They should have.

Meanwhile, our pal Cole's dad, Pat Foster, has recreated the car, commissioned by the owners of the new Mopar Drag City facility out in Banning, CA, to be unveiled at the track's grand opening later this year.

Today's the day we eat and drink and blow things up in celebration of revolution carried out by bands of guerrilla fighters. Ice-T once called the Fourth "The ultimate 'fuck-you' holiday." And the Surfers may well have been the ultimate fuck-you, guerilla-warfare drag racing team.

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