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According to, the Sultan of Brunei's custom Jaguar XJ220 Pininfarina surfaced recently — no mean feat considering the Sultan has approximately 5,000 cars to his name. The history of this rare cat traces to sometime in the mid-1990s, when the Sultan and his brother, Prince Jefri, went on a supercar-buying spree, subsequently having the cars redone by the world's top design shops. At the time, the XJ220 was the fastest car in the world, with a tested top speed of 212.3 mph — an obvious choice for a car nut with endless ducats. This particular specimen allegedly sat in a garage amid two McLaren F1 LMs, four bespoke, Pininfarina-designed Ferrari FX models and other such toys. Yes, but is he happy?

1995 Jaguar XJ220 Pininfarina []

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