This is the Subaru Impreza Sedan Concept. On the one hand, it feels like a knife to the heart, because you know the production car will never look this good. But it’s also interesting, because it shows the future of the entire company.

Subaru didn’t just show off the car as a four-door study version of their already-unveiled five-door concept.


Subaru stated that in the future, every car the company makes will be based off of a single platform.

The Imprezas, the Outbacks, the Foresters, even the biggest crossovers—they’ll all be stretched and pulled and tweaked variations on the same basic bones.


It’s an incredibly efficient kind of thinking that has been sweeping through the auto industry ever since VW introduced their MQB system back in 2012.

It can be incredibly efficient in terms of auto production, and would only multiply Subaru’s existing Lego-like qualities. Much more would be interchangeable, much more would be built from the same uniform pieces.


So this concept isn’t just a view of the next Impreza; it’s a view at what the whole company will look like in the future.


Except for the BRZ. Nobody I talked to at the company knew what was going on with that little oddball.


Photo Credits: Scott Sorenson for Jalopnik/Yahoo Autos

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