Does the Subaru BRZ really need more power? I count myself among the few who enjoy it just fine the way it is, but even I recognize that a turbo is probably what the doctor ordered to fix its lagging sales. That’s not the BRZ we’re getting. What we are getting is the BRZ tS.


Don’t let the pink badges and aggressive wing fool you: there’s no substantial extra power here. Instead the STI-tuned tS model doubles down on what the BRZ already does well: handling. It gets a cold air intake, a catback exhaust, stiffer spring rates front and rear, a flexible front strut brace, more steering feedback and a tightened gearbox. It also has top-shelf Brembo brakes for immense stopping power.

The result is really, really good, according to Automobile’s Chris Nelson in this short-take test. Subaru officials have said the tS version is coming to America eventually, and while it won’t have a turbo or a blower, it will be the best track-capable BRZ we’ve seen so far.

I can’t say I’d kick it out of my garage.

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