The Stig Is Michael Schumacher?

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According to an audience member at the first episode of Top Gear Season 13, the Stig was revealed to be none other than a Ferrari FXX-driving Michael Schumacher! Full report below, plus one more shot of the FXX. UPDATE below!


Want to see the "shocking" "unmasking" of the Stig? Click here!

"I was at the top gear recording earlier on today for the first episode of the new series, and the Stig was revealed to be... Michael Schumacher!! this was very unexpected, but totally believable in the end. His full unmasking will be shown on BBC 1 on saturday at 9pm in the UK! attached are a few shots of his FXX which he was putting around the track. The rest of the episode is a interview with schumacher, a hot lap in the lliana and a race between a steam engine, a bike and a 1940's jaguar.

I hope this is useful!"

Yes, well, here's to hoping it's right! (Hat tip to Malcs!)

We've updated the story with comments off the record from BBC insiders here.