Last week during a private FIA sanctioned meet at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Charlie Nearburg set a new land-speed record of 414.5 mph with his NHRA Pro Stock engine based "Spirit of Rett."

On September 21st, Nearburg broke the 45-year-old Class 11 record (previously set by "Goldenrod") in his single-engined "Spirit of Rett." Named after Dallas-based driver Charlie's son Rett, who died after battling cancer, the piston-powered streamliner made two back-to-back runs.

Under FIA rules, the car must make a run down, get serviced in one hour and then make a return trip up in the opposite direction. Then the two runs are combined for an average speed.

During the first run, the average speed was 417 mph with an exit speed of 422.6 mph. In the second, it averaged 411.7 mph with a top speed of 417.65 mph.

In addition to this new record, the "Spirit of Rett" holds other records at average speeds between 348 mph and 392 mph. The previous Class 11 record was set in 1965 by the Summer Brothers "Goldenrod" and was at 409.27 mph.

More information on Nearburg's efforts to raise money for cancer research can be found here.


(The first version of this post had a remarkably tasteless headline, even for us. Thanks to the Jalopnik readers who pointed out the real story behind the amazing vehicle! - Ed. note)