The sound of 62 years of F1 cars launching

The sound of an F1 engine has changed so much over the years. While I like the high pitch whine of the current cars, it sounds more like a missile being fired than a race car. But I shouldn't complain as I'm sure one day they will be electric or something that doesn't make any noise. That'll really suck. Because I like the noise.


Frankly, I think the noise is as much a part of a Formula One car as the driver or the circuit. But the thing that is hard to believe is what they sound like only five feet away at full launch. I have been in the grandstands of a handful of F1 races but at five-to-ten feet...It's madness.

I was doing just fine till the Lotus Lamborghini pulled up and it didn't even launch hard. I have no idea why that engine hurts so much but after it went by I felt liquid run out of my ears, not blood but some weird liquid like it just drained my sinuses. I'm totally serious. I didn't have earplugs but figured how bad could it be? I could barely hold the camera still by the end it was so loud.


As for which car I would like to drive the most in the video? I'd trade a testicle to race in the 1968 Lotus Cosworth or the 1993 Williams Renault in period correct races. How about you?

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