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The Shocking Secret Of The Ram Box

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When I was sketching the Ram Box, the little storage boxes on the sides of the bed of Chrysler's pickup truck, I noticed the little glowing handle one usually finds when trapped in a trunk (not that any of us Jalops need that).


Looking in the Ram Box, it's very, very difficult to imagine any living human capable of understanding and pulling that handle being able to fit in that useful but tiny space. I assumed the government made Chrysler put that in there, but to be sure, I called a Chrysler PR rep.

The PR rep made a call to their Ram division, presumably to some guy who's title is Safety Manager of Glove Boxes and Oddments Storage, and reported back to me that, no, the Department of Transportation did not make them put it in there — that was Chrysler's choice.


I then asked if Chrysler made this decision by cramming many screaming, terrified kids into the Ram Boxes and he did not categorically deny this. So I say we can reasonably assume that one day Chrysler's in-house day care took a harrowing field trip to the Ram division.

Empty speculation aside, I do think props should be donated to Chrylser for their decision to put that little handle in there. Yes, it's wildly unlikely anyone would get trapped in there, but it's nice to see a big company willingly spend an extra few pennies to just be sure there won't be a problem. It's a responsible act, and I'm sure somewhere out there, there's a multiple amputee with a bunch of drunk dickhead friends who will thank them for it.