The Sherp ATV Proves it's Sometimes Okay to Meet Your Heroes

Gif: The Smoking Tire

In 2015 Sherp began construction on this wild unstoppable ATV, and it quickly found fans on the internet for its go-anywhere abilities. This monster two-seater isn’t exactly fast, but it won’t be held back by rocks, snow, mud, or a lake. With a Sherp you can drive as the crow flies instead of having to take pesky roads. But, it can’t be that good in real life, can it?


Hell yeah, it can.

Friend of Jalopnik, Matt Farah, had an opportunity to drive the wild all-terrain Sherp earlier this year in lovely cold Minnesota. Matt isn’t one to pull punches when it comes to cars. If something is terrible, he’ll let you know. If something is off-the-wall bonkerballs awesome, you can hear it in his voice. It’s possible that this is the most fun anyone has had driving under 30 miles per hour.

How does this mountain goat of a car manage to climb over everything without suspension or even mechanical steering? Big ass tires, lots of torque, and a positive mental attitude. The steering is actually done through the differential, turning like a skid-steer front end loader.  

There aren’t many things that would cause me to drive headlong into a frozen lake, but if I were driving a Sherp, I’d make it to the other side unscathed. 

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There was a guy in Crane Lake, MN who built something like this 20 years ago. He wanted to go into production, but couldn’t get it together, although it was used for several rescues in the bush. It used skid steer steering, had wheels that could be run flat or filled with water and used as storage tanks for fire fighting. Had a hydrostatic transmission. Don’t know what happened to it.