The Ford Raptor is a favorite of ours. More horsepower is also a thing that we like. So what if you give a Raptor to those lunatics at Shelby? You get this, the Shelby Raptor.

Shelby has modified the Shelby Raptor so it will have inordinate levels of Shelby-ness. And the Shelby-tivity is expressed throughout the press release: The word "Shelby" is used at least 27 times. Yes, I actually counted and this is not an exaggeration.


For a starting price of $17,995, on top of the price of Raptor, of course, you get a Shelby supercharged, Shelby exhaust, Shelby graphics and styling, Shelby leather interior, and all wrapped up with a Shelby registry number.

It seems that the standard modifications are limited to the engine and drivetrain. The Shelby Raptor makes 575 Shelby horsepower for the ultimate Shelby experience.

On the options list, we have Shelby spec wheels and tires, a Shelby light bar, Shelby bumpers, and other Shelby options to be Shelby announced.


So, it's a Raptor with graphics and more power for just $17,995. Sounds Shelby good.

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