The Sedan Was Never The Best Solution, But People Still Like Them

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Personally, I like things with hatches. I like the ability to haul basically all of my belongings in my car. Perhaps that because college wasn't that long ago. Given the practicality of the hatch, I can see why it's easy to write the sedan off.


If you think about the reasoning European and Japanese give for not bringing over lots of hatchbacks and wagons, it's because Americans are familiar with sedans. Increasingly, Americans are falling for the hatches again. OK, they're jacked up cars called crossovers. Still, there are some people who want the three-box layout.

This being Jalopnik, it's a bit of a skewed sample of hatch lovers. But lots of people today showed why the crossover movement is gaining traction based on April's U.S. sales figures. Here are just some responses.



Sedans are the worst compromises of everything, done all at once. Except maybe the 4-door coupe, the sedan's retarded cousin.


I never got the point of a sedan. They're less practical than a similarly priced/sized/performing wagon or hatch and lack the style of a coupe. You want 4 doors for practicality, so why combine an impractical trunk with those practical 4 doors?


Auto Guy:

Here are a few reasons: SUV's are invariably heavier (bigger), handle worse (higher CG), typically cost more (automakers of course know that SUV's = profits, since they cost essentially the same to manufacture as a sedan, but typically sell at a higher price). The typical SUV two-box design gives tons of interior space, but some buyers genuinely want what's in the trunk to live there and not with the passengers. Fuel efficiency is usually worse with an SUV — the big frontal area does not help drag, and the weight and friction of those AWD components hurts, too.



Yeah, my wife and I have an SUV and a convertible, and we are looking at getting a sedan as a third vehicle specifically for its utility in tooling around town with the family, picking up guests at the airport, etc. The SUV is a little more vehicle than we need for these tasks and the vert is a little less. Plus, I really want another M3 :)


Do not make an X3M, BMW. Do. Not.

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