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The Secret History Of The DeLorean That Became A Lamborghini Sedan

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday, I was able to give you a few details about John DeLorean's dream sedan, the futuristic DMC-24. Today, I can share with you almost everything about it thanks to a detailed document sent to us by James Espey, Vice President of today's DeLorean Motor Company. Buckle up, we use a bit of time travel!


The DeLorean DMC-24 was supposed to be the evolution of Giugiaro's Lancia Medusa concept, a very aerodynamic four-door from 1980. So Italdesign came up with a wooden mockup in Turin, but since DMC ran out of money by the time it was finished, the Italian master had to recycle his design once again. He managed to do that by turning it into a Lamborghini.


If you look at the topshot, it's clear that the Lamborghini Marco Polo even had standard DeLorean alloys, which were later covered by hubcaps. A very classy solution indeed.

After the Marco Polo was presented on December 3, 1982 at the Bologna Motor Show, Ferruccio Lamborghini decided he was better off without it, even if the sedan had a remarkable 0.24 cx drag coefficient.

But let's go back a year to see what John DeLorean and his company had in mind. In June, a 102-page-long document went around. The Long Range Product Plan had everything the DeLorean Motor Company wanted to achieve in the following five years and 37 pages were about the DMC-24 sedan. Specifications, finance, market research, they seem to have covered everything.


I present to you the DeLorean Sedan Program, seen online in the full version for the first time ever, I think:

DeLorean Long Range Product Plan: The DMC-24 Sedan


Hat tip to The DeLorean Motor Company. Source: The DeLorean Museum