The Second Episode Of Our Radio Show 'Ten & Two' Is Here With A Primer On Electric Vehicles

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It’s been a couple of weeks since our first episode went live and it’s time to deliver episode two directly into your head. Click the play button and a digital facsimile of my ridiculously smooth voice will arrive in the airwaves of your immediate vicinity and your brain will be able to reinterpret those digital signals into verbal communication. It’s just that easy!


In this episode I provide a primer for the everyperson to get a grip on the electric car. Place your hands at 9 and 3 for the best listening experience. You can currently listen to the second episode of Ten & Two right here on Spotify, but should also be available to listen on your favorite podcast app. Just search for KWNK or Ten & Two or my name and it should come up. If you need help, drop me a line, I’d be happy to give you a hand. Go ahead and click to listen, it’s free content!

My next studio appointment is Friday evening to record the next episode, and once again I am asking you for your questions. The topic of episode three is winter driving, so feel free to call in with your favorite winter driving tips and tricks. Prepare to leave your detailed question or comment on our voicemail box with our new Google voice number 775-266-8376. Your question may be used on the show as an audio file, so please do ask it in your very best Jerry Seinfeld “what’s the deal with...” voice.

If you prefer to write your question out, you can email it to or just drop it in the comments section below this post. I’ll do my best to answer as many questions as I can within the hour timeslot constraints.

If you live in Reno and want to listen live on your radio, tune in to KWNK 97.7 FM every Saturday at 10AM with reruns airing the following Monday. We’ll have two new episodes every month, get it, it’s on at 10 and there are 2 of them. Anyway, the station is also available to listen live all over the globe at

As always, thanks for listening; shoutout to the Tappet Brothers; and see you around the bend.

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Why do you claim that i80 is not a viable SF to NY route for EVs?

A quick check with “A Better Route Planner” shows that there are plenty of Tesla Superchargers along this route. It shows that the largest distance between chargers on this route is 185 miles.