The Scion FR-S Will Be Called The Toyota FR-S Instead Of Something Crazier

What an eventful day we’ve had mourning... well, discussing the death of the Scion brand! Then again, the Scions themselves aren’t really dying, they’re just getting absorbed into the Toyota brand. But what will we call them?

In the case of the FR-S, the only member of the Scion family we really care about, a Toyota spokesperson confirmed to Jalopnik that the name of the car will be... wait for it... wait for it... the Toyota FR-S.


Not the Toyota 86 as it’s called in Asia, or the GT86 as it’s called in Europe, or the Toyota Celica (though that would be cool), or the Subaru BRZ (that’s taken.) The Toyota FR-S. It’s odd for a modern car to have so many names!

That’s the plan for now, anyway, our spokesperson said. Maybe they’ll change it closer to the August transition date.

Do you like Toyota FR-S better? Honestly, I kind of do, I’m more inclined to buy that than a Scion, but I’m also a fan of Toyota’s sports cars. And an adult.

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