The Scuderia Glickenhaus Racecar Beat The Lap Record At Hockenheim By Four Seconds

The Scuderia Glickenhaus Nürburgring 24 Hours competing racecar just set a new lap record at the Hockenheim ring by a whole four seconds over the previous record-holder — a Porsche 918 Spyder.


Of course, one is a full-fledged racecar and the other is a chunk of battery mass, but the 918 is a very expensive chunk of battery mass that raised a lot of eyebrows when Porsche released it among the terrifying competition of the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1.

And don’t chuff at that four second difference. The car lapped the Hockenheim at a blinding 1:01.8, according to Sport Auto. The top ten lap times before the SCG003 broke the record ranged from 1:06:30 to 1:08.50 — a margin of only 2.2 seconds. The margin between the former number one and the SCG003 is 4.5 seconds. Check out the full list of Hockenheim lap times here.

Check out the video of the car running the course below:

H/T to Ryan — Photo credit: Robert Stokes

Edit note: this article originally incorrectly labeled the car in the video as an LMP1 class racecar. However, the company is currently developing a car for LMP1 racing in 2017.


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