The Scale Is Not Tony Stewart's Friend; Weigh-In Mess Causes Black Flag

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I know a lot of people who are particularly bashful about their weight, but it's something you can't do in NASCAR. You're required to weigh in before practice so that the minimum weight of your car can be determined. Stewart didn't do that before going out for practice for the Sprint Unlimited race. Uh-oh.

Autoweek described Stewart as "visibly upset" that he was black flagged during practice for neglecting to weigh in before getting in the car. Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch also forgot to weigh in before going out for practice, but they came in as soon as they got the call.


Stewart, however, did not. Although NASCAR ordered him back to his garage to weigh in, he didn't come back in until the end of the session. Needless to say, both Stewart and his crew chief Chad Johnston received a stern talkin'-to about following the rules from NASCAR officials after the practice session.

Ten minutes or so after entering the NASCAR hauler, Stewart went over for the weigh-in.

Stewart's spotter, Bob Jeffrey, had this to say on Twitter:


Stewart refused to comment on the brouhaha, but I can only imagine an epic rant involving the words "big boned" and "stop pickin' on me, it's private, okay?" coming out of the mouth of one of racing's more normal-dude-shaped drivers.

Smoke's been driving in NASCAR for years and this was a fairly standard requirement. C'mon, man. This is no time to be bashful about annihilating an entire box of Cadbury Creme Eggs in one sitting. Besides, it's for the Sprint Unlimited race, which isn't even a regular season event.


If anything, the weigh-in is a good thing, because it allows the heavier drivers to run lighter cars. Perhaps Stewart can comfort himself over whatever number he was avoiding on that scale by taking an axe to heavy parts of the car and ripping out extra weight there.

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The Scale Is Not Tony Stewart's Friend;

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