The Saleen Tesla Model S Is Such A Crazy Idea It Just Might Work

For years, Saleen has been in the business of helping various Ford Mustangs and other cars be all they that can be through extensive tuning. A few months ago we heard they would start adding electric cars to their repertoire starting with the Tesla Model S. Now we know what it will look like.

Saleen over the weekend released the first renderings of their take on the Model S. It's pretty badass, basically. It packs lots of carbon fiber, a new front and rear aero kit, huge wheels, optional "Orange County Orange" paint (What did you expect, "Orange County Green"?), and ceramic brakes. Not bad.


The big question is this, however: How fast will it go? The Viper-spanking Model S Performance is no joke in the speed department, so we can only imagine how fierce it will be once Steve Saleen gets his hands on it. Unfortunately, he's being coy at the moment about what performance enhancements it will get:

"And as pleased as I am by the aesthetics seen in these renderings, perhaps the true Saleen mark will be best exhibited by the mechanical enhancements that will only be seen as the live vehicle hits the streets this summer," added Saleen.

Well, now we have something to look forward to.


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