The S660 Neo Classic Is Even Better For 2017

In 2016, Jalopnik East covered the S660 Neo Classic prototype concept. It was the concept we wished was real. Well, now, its creators have stepped up the game for 2017, and I’ve never considered Grand Theft Auto so much in my life. Stripe game and color scheme on point.


I already desperately wanted the original red because it used some of the classic design language I have loved so much in Hondas of days gone by, as well as all the variations of the N-One, but with the green and silver/gold stripes it just seems even cuter...


I’m not quite as crazy about this back end as I am about almost every other angle of the prototype concept. I don’t like the back grill very much, and the back bumper seems way too Batman: The Animated Series. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Go rewatch the series and pay attention to the Neo Retro Art Deco Gothic style of just above every motor vehicle. You’ll see what I mean.


I liked the previous wheels, but I have to say, I like these even better. I feel like they fit the car better by succeeding in adding much needed hard angles to an otherwise very bulbous looking cabriolet. I’d love to have these things on my GA3 for the same reason.


This scheme didn’t really work for me in the red 2016 Neo Classic, but that green just fits this caramel interior. I feel like melting into the seats and taking a nap.


Honda, please let N-Labs make this a thing. A thing I can buy. Soon.

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