(Image Credits: Harry Dang)
(Image Credits: Harry Dang)
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While your head’s probably still spinning from trying to count all the heated surfaces in the 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII that came out today, one of our readers grabbed our best look yet at the company’s enormous upcoming SUV.


Jalopnik reader and auto photographer Harry Dang spotted what’s ostensibly known as “Project Cullinan” creeping around Santa Monica, California the other day. If you think it looks like a Bentley Bentayga with a Rolls-Royce face, yeah, I agree.

The proportions look good, though. This thing could actually pull off the “is it a truck or just a fat wagon” switcheroo without losing Rolls-Royce’s signature stateliness.

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Pink Shorts over there sure is digging it.

Keep your eyes open for this and more Rolls-Royce luxury tanks to start coming out in earnest soon. Now that the mothership Phantom VIII has been unveiled, the rest of the new Roller family can’t be far behind.

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