(All images: Rolls-Royce)

“It’s no secret that the future belongs to self-aware, autonomous vehicles,” Rolls-Royce writes. So forget your frets about the next 100 years, the 103EX has a plan for us. And also the closest thing to “square wheels” of any car ever.

The 103EX is the result of an unprompted art project designed to get us talking about Rolls-Royce again, as if it was possible to forget. It answers the burning question; “what would an extreme luxury car look like if it weren’t constrained by actual automotive technology but still had to basically operate in our known infrastructure?”

Was that confusing? I’m sorry. My head’s still spinning from listening to this:

That lovely narration is voiced by the angel famously riding on the hood of every Rolls-Royce you remember. You may have heard it described as “the Spirit of Ecstasy” and if you watch this 360º video you’ll learn her name is actually Eleanor.

I have no idea what you’re talking about baby, but don’t stop.

The 103EX is there for you to look at and enjoy. Admire. Envy. These are the same ideas Rolls-Royce has fed into their aesthetic thesaurus since forever. Here, I’ve compiled a brief overview of the company’s “200” years:

Sorry, not quite to scale.

You already knew the 103EX wasn’t going to show up in showrooms any time soon, so whatever hypothetical propulsion system it uses is irrelevant. But it is an astonishing design, something that’s tough to execute in an era when so many of us think we’ve seen everything.

It looks like every concept car from 2003 re-born into one. Isn’t it grand?

I for one am just happy to see that we still need umbrellas in the future. Makes me think we won’t end up at war on the Fury Road over the one last tanker truck full of water on the wasteland.

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