The Roadkill Boys Did The Thing Again

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They got the hee haw with the yee-hay, California boys taking it up in Oregon-land, big beard bashin’ and mashin’ with the fast car that does the burnouts and the sound stuff, not quite a mega boom but a little rip snort kapow. It’s the Roadkill show in the Internet, beaming to our eyes and earholes.

The dudes did the car stuff with the big motor muscle machine once more. Dirt! Challenger! Carbon monoxide!


Zoom they go, up into the grass and dirt. Pop they go, forgetting to put gear oil in their differential. Zowie hey they’re getting choked by their no-rear-glass ex-dirt racing E Body.

Next time more hijinks are sure to ensue with verve and wonder, rust and righteousness, peppering the highways and byways of this land with transmission fluid and rust flakes.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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