The Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Looks Awesome In Its New Blue

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Screenshot: Paul Tarasoff (YouTube)

The upcoming Rivian R1T is a packaging wonder and a promising start to the inevitable electric pickup truck wars, promising to put Ford, GM and Ram scrambling to catch up. We finally get to see it in something other than the boring silver color. Now it’s blue, and it’s a very good blue.

According to this video on YouTube from Paul Tarasoff, via InsideEVs, Rivian showed off its pickup in this new color at a pre-order event in Seattle for its upcoming R1T and R1S pickup and crossover.

While the video doesn’t mention any official name for the new color, the closest match I can think of off the top of my head is BMW’s Laguna Seca blue or even the Misano Blue I saw on the new Z4 I drove. It’s a controversial color, but I like it and I think it goes fantastic with the yellow accents in the Rivian badging and on the brakes.

Screenshot: Paul Tarasoff (YouTube)
Screenshot: Paul Tarasoff (YouTube)

When the R1T was announced, it was promised to start at around $69,000 before any federal or state incentives, with production and deliveries of fully equipped, 180 kWh and 135 kWh battery trucks to start first in late 2020 with a base variant to be introduced later.

The 180 kWh battery model is claimed to achieve a max range of around 400 miles on a single charge, and be capable of recharging to 80 percent capacity in “under an hour” connected to a DC fast charger.

If this is the future, we should have fun. I’m glad Rivian is offering colors that aren’t limited to just the boring standard greys, whites and blacks most people seem to option their pickups with. Let the future be fun.

Screenshot: Paul Tarasoff (YouTube)
Screenshot: Paul Tarasoff (YouTube)

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