The Ripper ATV Is An Off-Road Scooter

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The Ripper ATV looks like a cross between agricultural equipment and something you might see toddling around an airport, but it’d be more accurately described as a backcountry Bird scooter. You can’t start it with an app, but it does look like more fun than walking.


You stand up on it and steer with handlebars mounted on a long esophagus, like the electric scooters that are littering most American cities these days. Except unlike any scooter I’ve ever seen, the Ripper has fat lawn mower tires and teenie-tiny shock absorbers for off-road action.

Here’s the back-of-brochure pitch from Rogue Power, the company putting this thing out:

“The Ripper is a stand-on ATV that is intended to transport a rider and gear. Its compact design and low weight means that it has very little impact on the environment. It is powered by a proven Honda engine and includes front and rear racks for hauling tools, coolers, hunting gear, fishing gear and more. It can be driven in the standing position or there is a seat option as well. The handlebars can be folded for easy transport and it is light enough to lift into the back of a truck or SUV. It is the perfect vehicle for camping, hunting, fishing, farm or utility.”

Cute and creative; I’m into it. Conceptually, at least. I wouldn’t be super enthusiastic about getting on to one of these after learning about the dangers of off-roading with a high center-of-gravity the hard way last year. But I could see the appeal for somebody who needs to lug unwieldy stuff down a long, bumpy path.

A rep from Rogue Power told me via email that the top speed is 13 mph; the engine’s a 163 cc Honda GX160 and the 52-inch-long vehicle weighs 212 pounds. I’ve got to imagine the rider’s weight factors into speed and stability significantly, so you’re going to want to be trim and strong to get the most out of something like this.

Then again, if you’re in good shape, maybe you can haul your own tools or hunting traps without having to bound down a trail on this buggy?


I’m not totally convinced this thing needs to exist but I appreciate the ingenuity. And, the fact that there are still forms of off-road conveyance to be invented. If you want one, the list price is $3,495 MSRP with a seat for an extra $300 and a camo livery for $250 more. Be safe out there.

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