Frank M. Rinderknecht's creative powerhouse joined forces with infotainment company Harman to create the perfect urban traffic system. The Micro Max electric vehicle is part of the revolutionary idea, using Cloud technology with real time navigation functions while balancing between the functions of personal and public transportation. It also looks like something the Japanese would do.

As you would expect from this slightly bonkers Swiss company, every technology involved in the process is the best available. The motor is a forklift drive system from Linde Material Handling, while the charging stations were designed by energy giant RWE. Harman took care of the gadgets inside and outside the cabin as well, with a synthetically generated engine sound that always reflects current engine load, engine speed and vehicle speed to give pedestrians the best possible clues. Wheel experts AEZ designed a shovel-like openings guide so that the airflow can cool the wheel hub motor. The same goes for the centrally located motor. This allows for a flat floor so the Micro Max can have room for standing passengers.


Rinspeed always tries to go further than just making a concept, and A.T. Kearney claims the vehicle could reach production in 30 months, with a price kept under $13,000. With big corporations located in busy city centers, a small fleet of Micro Maxes taking employees to work makes some sense. Especially if they're stylish and all dressed in white.

Photo credit: Rinspeed