The RenCen As Phallacious Prophecy: Building General Motors' World Headquarters

The General's world headquarters, the Renaissance Center, is a phallic protuberance at the tip of the city of Detroit — a way for the city, home to the world's biggest automaker, to show the rest of the world that they're still the big swingin' dick of the industry, despite the blight and urban decay surrounding it and the global pressures now upon them. After it went from being a city-owned building to GM's world headquarters in 1996, in many ways it's come to symbolize much of the General's overall state of mind. It's a city inside a city, insulated from the world around it. Despite a $500 million renovation, it's a place easy to get lost in and when inside feels like you're always closed off to the world around you — much like GM's willingness to remain open to new ideas and strategies. The RenCen's also home...

Advertisement the stunning Wintergarden — an ever-warm palm tree-filled terrarium where it seems like the sun's always shining and everything is rosy and peachy-keen — much like the General's sales and quarterly earning statements. The video above was produced by the Detroit Visitors and Conventions Bureau and we thought it'd be a nice way for everyone to take a step back and learn a little bit more about the building GM calls home.

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cmdrfire, I think you meant "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", but yeah — it's kind of a mind-meld of TSZ with 1970's porn music and a bit of Starsky & Hutch.