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German tuning out Regula-Exclusive has carved an incredibly complex body kit for the Porsche Cayenne, which kinda makes it look like an Audi from a movie set thirty years in the future. In the present it's pretty intense, but I find it strangely appealing.

I think it reminds of me something out of MegaRace, and anything that takes me back to those 8-bit tunnels and delightfully simple soundtrack gets my gold star.


Regula-Exclusive, which similarly dresses up the Audi R8 and Porsche Panamera, promises OEM quality fitment of the bumpers and side skirts made of something called ISO-Flex gelcoat. The material is used to minimize cracking and corrosion, hopefully it's the real deal at twelve and a half grand. The 23"x11" wheels are another $5,500, not to mention a fuel bill that will probably just about double.


Images: Regula-Exclusive

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