The Red Bull X2014 May Be Too Fast For A Human To Drive In Real Life

The fastest racing cars today are all built to tight regulations. So what would happen if you took the best designer in Formula 1 and asked him to draw up a car with no restrictions whatsoever? This, the new Gran Turismo 6 concept from Red Bull, the X2014.

The designer in question is Adrian Newey, the very last man who still draws his multi-championship winning cars on paper rather than in CAD.


This is his third 'X' car for Gran Turismo. The first was the X1 aka the X2010 and the second was the follow-up X2011, which recorded a 3:10 Nurburgring lap time in GT5, if that's anything to go by.

Polyphony hasn't released any details about how fast this X2014 is, but GTPlanet reports that there will be more than one version of this thing.

Red Bull X2014, X2014 Standard (no fan) and X2014 Junior cars revealed along with "X Challenge" game mode.


I would love to see this thing built, but I'm somewhat skeptical that a human being could even drive it. The last one was already the quickest car ever, now imagine that with even more g-forces and speed involved.

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