The Recipients of Bryan Clauson's Organ Donation Are Named the USAC Grand Marshals in Indianapolis

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In August of 2016, jack-of-all-trades racer Bryan Clauson sustained injuries in a dirt track accident that resulted in his death. On Thursday, September 6, the inaugural Driven2SaveLives BC39 USAC race is being held in his honor, and the grand marshals are two men who received organs from Clauson following his death.


According to Racer, those men are Dan Alexander and Dan Gerdes, both hailing from Nebraska.

In the wake of Clauson’s death, friends, family, and fans have worked hard to ensure that the top dirt track racer’s legacy would live on. The Driven2SaveLives BC39 is a 39-lap USAC P1 Insurance National Midget Feature held at the brand new quarter-mile clay dirt track on the inside of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It’s a way to showcase the Indiana Donor Network and encourage people to sign up to donate.

By inviting the recipients of Clauson’s lungs and heart to wave the green flag, Clauson’s place in the racing world still lives on. It’ll be a touching display for the record-breaking 118-car entrance field, many of whom knew and raced against Clauson. It’s also a great way to show that Clauson was able to inspire people and impact lives, even after his passing.

The Driven2SaveLives campaign was started by Stefan Wilson in the wake of his brother, Justin Wilson’s, death. Now, Clauson’s family has teamed up with the project after seeing what how Bryan could live on through others.

Alexander and Gerdes are just two of five lives saved by the driver’s organs, but they’re two more lives we’re able to celebrate through the unfortunate loss of another.

Clauson is remembered as one of the most accomplished and popular dirt track racers in America.  With multiple championships in various USAC divisions, it's impossible not to recognize his skill.  He was one of the few drivers to take the traditional path to race in the Indianapolis 500 via the dirt track, and he participated three times.  This year, Clauson was elected into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.  The BC39 is just one more way to keep his memory alive in the racing community.

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This isn’t actually relevant to this story, but 9 years ago this very night I got the call that they had a new liver for me. I love reading stories about organ donors, even if I can’t help the tears.