The Reborn Karma Will Sell Cars Directly Like Tesla And At Dealerships

Image Credit: NetCarShow
Image Credit: NetCarShow

Reincarnated Karma Automotive, from the fiery ashes of Fisker Automotive, knows that if Plan A doesn’t work, you resort to Plan B. Which is why this time around, instead of just selling its cars through franchised dealers like it has done previously, it will also introduce a direct sales model like Tesla has done. Can they make it work?


The company, which is owned by Wanxiang Group, has plans to start selling its new Revero four-door coupe by the end of the year, reports Automotive News. I weep at the heinous classification of “four-door coupe,” but news of Karma’s two-pronged sales model brings me happiness.

On one hand, yes, the company is planning a few “brand experience centers” like Tesla, where the cars will be sold directly. But then the cars will also be distributed through an initial group of 10 “high-end franchised dealers” located around the country, says Automotive News. These are the places where you can buy a Rolls-Royce, a Lamborghini, a McLaren, or a Porsche. Karma is aiming at those kinds of people.

With the combination of direct sales locations and high-end franchised stores, Karma CMO Jim Taylor envisions that:

The factory stores will use the Tesla model of a low-pressure sales space where the automaker can control its brand message. Plus, by running its own shop, Taylor said, Karma can reassure its franchised dealers that it’s living up to the same standards it expects of them.

“When you control your own store, you live it every day, so you have to walk the walk,” Taylor said. “So I think in a good way it puts a lot of pressure on yourself to deliver the same level of performance.”

It also makes sense given many states don’t legally allow for direct sales. Thanks, aggressive dealer lobbying.

The Karma factory is located in Moreno Valley, California. It is there that the prototypes and the cars will be built, rather than at Finland’s Valmet Automotive, like the old car was.


People are already submitting orders for the Revero, which will cost more than the $100,000 price tag of the original Fisker Karma. Teaser images of the car will be released later this month.

We wonder if it will look exactly the same as the old Fisker Karma.

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I really really hope they name their first car, Chameleon.