The Reactions To This Pokémon Themed BMW i8 Are Just What You'd Expect

To the average person, a BMW i8 has a unique enough look on its own to get extra attention. But an i8 with a bunch of Pokémon on it—that’s getting into territory that requires the driver to either look good every day or get some dark window tent. You can’t escape the attention, or the smartphone cameras.

The car belongs to Veluxity Car Rentals, and it recently drove around Miami to see how passerby would react. In the interest of full disclosure, the rental company  emailed us this video, but it’s fun enough to be share worthy and there’s also some good commentary on how the i8 drives:

Most of the passerby predictably got their phones out and turned around to stare, which would be fun for a bit. Perhaps the best part is the person who turns around to take a lonesome selfie, knowing that there’s a person behind the wheel watching the whole thing go down.


But as our old friend Doug DeMuro found out by owning a 2004 Ferrari 360 Modena for a year, the attention can get old quickly when you’re the one driving the car. When you think about it from that perspective, hesitating to reach for the phone becomes the norm.

Regardless, it would be hard to turn down a photo opportunity with this. Just look at the details on the the wheels, the rearview mirrors—it’s adorable:

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