Much as houseboats don't make good houses or good boats, this multi-hyphenated creation from North Carolina offers too many choices in one $25,000 package. Why, I bet that floor wax would make a delicious dessert topping.

From the wilds of North Carolina and the visual insight of an animation artist, what began as a 1955 Dodge pickup has been chopped, dropped, shortened and cantilevered into a shape that suggests someone didn't clear the train crossing. A fully licensed daily driver allowed on public roads by lax Southern DMV standards, the exterior of Li'l Stumpy is 94% primer and 6% remnant of its former turquoise sheen.

Under the hood is a more traditional setup — a 400-inch Chrysler engine, tuned to about 400 hp, with several fast-going bits like a transmission cooler, Holley carbs and a custom-built driveshaft. The bed's bullet holes can be used to anchor tie-downs for loads that might otherwise slide onto the pavement, and the custom dash can be easily read while you squeegee dead bugs off your glasses.


Despite its obvious artistic appeal, the current possessor wants to part ways for $25,000 through Hemmings, or just $10,000 and a proper four-wheel-drive vehicle, which will promptly lose a wheel, be stretched five feet and be able to take short hops from a new roof-mounted propeller.