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I'll be the first to admit that this video is a usual departure from our usual fare here at the Sunday Matinee, but our detour is an important one. One that makes you think.

Evelyn lives in a retirement home, and is wonderfully, endearingly spunky. You can tell that her mind is as sharp and as quick as ever, and as such she values her independence and freedom. When asked how old she is, she replies with "97, and I'll be 98 in October," with a slight chuckle in wonderment and disbelief. She still drives, and as such is a desperate necessity for others.

Something as simple as going to the grocery store can become an insurmountable task when you're elderly. If you can't drive, then you just take the bus. And if the bus is taken away, well, then, you're basically a prisoner.

When Evelyn's license was taken away, she says it made her feel heartbroken, and useless.


So to get it back, she went straight to the DMV, and took the test again. Which, of course, she passed.

I'd be the first to say that driving when your faculties begin to fail is the most dangerous thing a person can do. If your body can't manage it, or your reflexes can't handle it, you should never be behind the wheel. Although Evelyn's story is anecdotal and inspirational, too many people are driving when they shouldn't be.


But our current system is untenable. It's incredibly easy to get the driver's license of an older person taken away. In truth, we should have some sort of system that ensures safe driving, not only for the elderly, but for everyone. Driving tests should be retaken every time you need to renew your license for the majority of the population, and at least every five years by the elderly.

But let's not get too wrapped up in policy. This is an absolutely gorgeous video, and not just because of Evelyn. The camera work is just stellar.


Also, I love her reaction to being asked if she's a hot rodder:


Do you drag race a lot?

Well, I drive 65!

That's certainly impressive, for someone her age. But when I'm 98, I'll try to start driving 98.

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