The Problem With 'Murdered Out' Special Editions

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There is something simple that is very distracting and annoying and arguably wrong about this new special edition GMC Terrain “Nightfall” special edition. Can you spot it?


It’s the dumb, distracting, ugly chrome strip around the windows that they forgot to black out. This is a problem on a couple of these new “murdered out” special edition SUVs we’ve been getting. Look, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude Edition did it too (as pointed out by Foxtrot Alpha’s Tyler Rogoway):

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The dumb little chrome strip. Okay, to be fair, I think it’s maybe fine on the Grand Cherokee because it highlights the entire greenhouse on the side profile. But on the Terrain? It looks dumb. How expensive could a little bit of black polish be for that trim piece?

Jeep also got the color wrong on the other Cherokee’s Altitude Edition. Grey is in fact not black, though they got everything else right and it still does look cool:

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Fortunately some automakers have done it right. Ironically, Jeep did it right on the Renegade Dawn of Justice murdered out special, but not on the Grand Cherokee or Cherokee. Chevy’s “Midnight” special editions on the Silverado and Colorado also properly blacked everything out.

It’s not hard. It is a little annoying.

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my time to shine!!! I worked for *INSERT OEM HERE* as a release engineer for weatherstrips, and DLO’s those chrome strips around the windows are not so easy to change color, they aren’t like a bumper, or insert on the side of the car. they are almost always stainless steel or aluminum usually stretch-bent or stamped. and due to design constraints are integral to the function of the sealing system. sometimes having weatherstrip components designed into them.

with that you get limitations, to have both a chrome and black version can get dicy. especially on fully stamped doors like the GMC and GC. the Cherokee on the other hand has frame under glass doors, which makes the sealing system more forgiving to accommodate aesthetics.

I’ve had to present cost and risk plans for these very proposals on adding a murdered out version, and nobody wants to hear it, one one program I was working on it added $60 per car $60 per car on something they sell > 200,000 gets expensive quick. the tooling isnt cheap either.

so please, stop demanding these silly looking uber-aggressive cars, and save an engineer’s life