The Prince Of Darkness Claims Another Victim

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Now, we can't say for certain that electrical-system woes sent this 1990 Jaguar XJ-S down the road that ends at the cold steel jaws of The Crusher, because a 99% likelihood is still not certainty. However, when you see an 18-year-old V-12 Jag sitting in the wrecking yard with a straight body and good interior... well, the diabolical laughter of Joe Lucas can be heard somewhere in the distance. It's too bad that photographs really can't do justice to the incredible bulk of that engine (which can be purchased, complete, for $100 next time the yard has a Half Price Day sale, in case you engine swappers like a challenge).


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Rob Emslie

That's a shame, but with a market value of about <$3K and 8-10MPG city, it likely didn't make sense for the owner to hang on once it became a lawn ornament. There appears to be a burgundy Jag sedan of about the same era down the next row. That Audi Avant doesn't look half bad either.