The Prettiest Two-Tone Paint Jobs Of All Time

Once you've seen every green, blue, and yellow car there is to see, everything becomes sort of humdrum. And then you hit upon a brilliant notion – why not two paint colors, at the same goddamn time? A marvel that would be, and there are few prettier than the Bugatti Veyron L'Or Blanc.


Based off of the regular Grand Sport, the Bugatti Veyron L'Or Blanc not only features the swishing and swooping combination of rich, deep blue and stunning white, but it also features porcelain inlays. There's porcelain in the wheels, the dashboard, even the fuel filler cap.

Some cars just aren't meant to be a daily driver, I suppose, but I think the only acceptable place to draw that line is when your car can be shattered by a pothole because it's made out of fine china.

But with L'Or Blanc, I'll make an exception. Because all that porcelain and that paint job add up to nothing but a work of art. And would you want to throw art into a pothole?


So what car do you think has the prettiest two-tone paint job of all time? Show us below in the comments!

Photos credit David Villareal Fernandez

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