The Prettiest Custom Ferraris Of All Time

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Ferrari has a long and storied history of making custom, one-off, coachbuilt cars for various customers. Some of them are completely original works of art in their own right with numerous changes to the bodywork, while others feature more subtle modifications.


That Ferrari FF Coupe has been drastically changed from its original shooting brake style, but in a way it reminded me of another custom Ferrari. The Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta is another one of those Ferraris with fairly subtle modifications, as one-off Ferraris go.

Sure, it's roof is chopped off, and virtually no body panel is left unchanged from the original donor car. But you can still see the resemblance from whence it came. And it looks a lot better than the original 599, which I was never much a fan of in the looks department. Those rear haunches should be placed upon every car ever made, effective immediately.

But surely it's not the prettiest custom Ferrari ever made. I even think that shade of gold used for the paint is even (dare I say it?) a bit ugly. Working either with Pininfarina, or doing it in-house, Ferrari is the king of custom cars.

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Tom McParland

I am quite fond of Eric Clapton's creation-