The Post Where I Tell You I'm Leaving

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I’ve only been Editor-in-Chief for a few short months. But life is a crazy thing and tomorrow is my last day working on the good ship Jalopnik. Sorry?


To answer the question that you certainly aren’t asking right now, I’m off to head up Road & Track’s website starting at the end of June to help continue the renaissance that has started on the print side. It was a ridiculously hard decision to make, but it’s one of those things that I felt like I had to do.

I have only officially been in charge for the last few months, which you’d know if you followed me on Twitter. Hey, that works for Doug, right?

What you might not have known is that in the three years I’ve been here, I’ve actually been running a lot of the day to-day of this site for a while (that explains why there have been so many Miatas). I had to since El-Capitan Hardigree was off appearing on Bloomberg, doing Yoga and then telling absolutely everyone about it, and trawling the dregs of Craigslist to find his perfect RV, even though he lives in Brooklyn.

And no, I didn’t quit as a slow revenge on Matt for helping set up that goddamn Jeff Gordon Pepsi taxi ride. Or did I...?

But seriously, working at Jalopnik has been the best experience of my life. Matt has been an amazing boss who has let me do anything I’ve wanted and drive everything I’ve ever dreamed of. He’s also passed on the numerous opportunities I’ve given him to fire me (thanks Matt!). The staff here is the best and hardest working in this business. It’s a truly amazing machine to see operate every day. I’ll miss it.

This means that I leave you in the insanely capable hands of Patrick George, who will be stepping up to Managing Editor to run the site on the daily. Patrick is one of finest reporters and writers in this business, you’re lucky to have him.


I’ll still be around since I was a commenter before I worked here. And I sincerely hope to see all of you drop in at Road & Track.

Smell ya later!


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This means that I leave you in the insanely capable hands of Patrick George...

Kidding aside, best of luck Travis and congrats Patrick!