The Porsche Taycan Is Off To A Surprisingly Fast Sales Start In The US

United States not pictured.
United States not pictured.
Photo: David Tracy

The Porsche Taycan is an all-electric sports car that starts at $103,800, a proposition that I had assumed wouldn’t sell all that great here, mainly because you can get any Tesla for less. Well, that was wrong.


The Taycan is, in fact, Porsche’s third-best selling car here, as Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told Autoblog. The Taycan is behind the Macan, which starts at $52,100, and the Cayenne, which starts at $67,500, but it is ahead of the Panamera, which starts at $87,200, the 718, which starts at $59,900, and the 911, which I would think might be the Taycan’s closest competitor in Porsche’s stable for prospective buyers, since the 911 starts at $99,200. Put again, it’s not selling as well as Porsche’s SUVs, but it is selling better than everything else in the lineup.

Blume didn’t go into a whole lot of details about numbers, but he did say that Taycan sales were a big part of Porsche’s recent rebound following. Taycan deliveries began in December 2019.

From Autoblog:

“We’re achieving a v-shaped recovery; a fast drop, followed by a fast rise. Sales started to rebound in June, and that trend has continued to accelerate through the third quarter,” [Blume] affirmed.


“Of course, there is still much uncertainty, but in the United States we are rebounding faster than we expected at the beginning of the pandemic,” Blume concluded.

Porsche delivered 39,734 cars in the US from January through September, which is down 12 percent year-over-year. Porsche doesn’t break those numbers out by model, but according to there have been 3,120 Panameras sold this year, 12,152 Cayennes, and 13,209 Macans, 6,401 911s, and 1,956 718s. is not tracking Taycan sales here yet, but those numbers suggest that sales of the Taycan are likely well into the four figures, since Autoblog did not specify when Taycan took over third-best selling.


This does tell us, though, that it’s not selling as well as the Tesla Model S, but with a bit of a caveat.

Even in a best-case scenario for the Taycan, it could only be running at around 12,000 sales this year. The Model S is at the 15,300 mark according to GoodCarBadCar. The caveat is that Tesla has been seriously discounting the Model S this year, which was already starting at a lot less than the Taycan in the first place. Tesla wants to get you into a Model S for as little as $69,420 these days.


So all things considered, Taycan sales are not looking bad for an all-electric car that starts at $103,800.

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So basically Porsche needs to shove the Taycan drivetrain into their SUV’s to achieve sales nirvana? If they can increase the range, an EV Macan sounds kinda exactly what this market is looking for and will provide Model 3 owners looking for something different, an option to switch.